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As an Insurance Claims Specialist, we know what your insurance should cover. We have a great experience working with insurance companies and adjusters. We will help you with the claims process from beginning to end. We will make sure that you receive reasonable treatment and get EVERYTHING you are entitled to under your insurance coverage. You can be confident we know your privileges as a homeowner or commercial property owner and we will be glad to help maximize your benefits.

The Good News is... Your Insurance Covers You!

Your insurance covers roof repairs and roof replacement if needed because of hail damage. Our professional inspectors know exactly what to look for and we will let you know if you are eligible. We are an insurance specialist firm.

Do Not Be Afraid to File a Claim

A hail storm is an “Act of Nature” and filing a claim will not increase your rates. If you do have hail damage or wind damage on your roof, you don’t have to be afraid to file a claim. Your insurance company cannot raise your rates.

Hail and High Winds Damage

Your roof is one of the most significant parts of your property. Hail and high winds in the Dallas- Fort Worth area can cause harm that considerably reduces the life of your roof and can cause larger issues down the line.

Even if there is no leaking right now, you could still have considerable weather damages that you are not aware of. it must be identified and resolved quickly to prevent upcoming issues.

Free roof Inspection

We offer a free no-obligations roof inspection. We have experienced representatives. Our roofing team has many years of experience in roofing. We work to make sure that we go above and beyond to ensure you are happy and satisfied.

Upon our agreement we will handle the entire insurance claim and negotiation process to assure you a fair and speedy solution to your roofing and other storm damage needs. If there are any inaccuracies or discrepancies with your insurance estimate, we have licensed staff adjusters that are successful at working with insurance companies to resolve them. The paperwork you receive from the insurance company only represents the first draft of the estimate, it is NOT a final settlement. It is important to have qualified representation to review your insurance estimate and handle your claim from beginning to end of the entire insurance process. We look forward to working with you throughout the entire process.