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Lack of knowledge about the claims process can cost homeowners $1000’s of dollars that they were actually owed. It is important that you have our roofing specialist point out to the insurance adjuster the damage to ensure a full and complete report. When you choose Pro Builders Roofing LLC to represent you, it is equivalent to selection an attorney to represent you in the case of a lawsuit. We ensure that your insurance company is properly identifying the scope of work and the correct line item pricing.

Most adjusters do a good job identifyning the damage and pricing the repairs, but some don’t. we use the Haag Engineer Standards on hail and wind damage, the same standards insurance companies are supposed to use, if there are 6-8 damaged shingles in an area of 100 squares feet then the roof has to be totaled. Insurance are businesses, and as any other business they try to minimize the cost. But this should not be done at the homeowner’s expense. If the insurance denies the claim or pays the bare minimum- which is always the case, our licensed on staff adjuster will confirm the damage and have the insurance company cover the homeowner’s loss.

When we represent you to your insurance company, we use the same estimation software (Xactimate) that the insurance companies use. This expedites the process and helps in getting the work completed in a timely manner.

Do Not Be Afraid to File a Claim. A hailstorm is an “Act of Nature” which is why filing a claim will not increase your insurance rates.

The ‘Three Estimates’ Myth

If insurance companies could pay less, they would gladly do so (because it would save them money). For this reason, insurance companies come up with a special technique. They request the homeowner to provide three estimates from different contractors and then choose the lowest bid. We call this the Three Estmates Myth because the homeowner is not obligated to provide insusrance company with any estimates at all. And it is in the best interest of the homeowner to not provide any estimates and to not have any bidding wars among the contractors. By taking the lowest bid, homeowners may not receive the best quality materials and workmanship. This may result in a derease in the homeowner’s property value.

By providing tips and advice to homeowners on how to deal with insurance claims, our gaol at Pro Builders Roofing LLC is to maximize the homeowner’s benefits from the insurance company. We strive to provide the homeowner with premium services including the highest quality materials and the highest quality of workmanship.

Free Roof Inspection

We offer a free no-obligation roof inspection. We have experienced representatives. Our roofing team has over twenty years experience in roofing. We work to make sure that your are happy and satisfied. Contact Us Today to Request A Free Roof Inspection.